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How much does a website cost?

We just need a bit of work to be done

Small and occasional updates of your website design or copy is free of charge and included in the web hosting cost. Small means work requiring less than 10 minutes and occasional means work occurring less than 3 times a month.

However, if you need a regular maintenance of your website, you can opt for a preferential tariff of £30/hour.

What about web hosting?

Web hosting, again, depends on your requirements and the amount of visitors you will receive. Our web hosting plans start at £50 per year and include unlimited bandwith, 10Go of disk space, a database and 5 email addresses. Because we monitor our web servers on a daily basis, we can advise you on the best solutions.

How do I access my emails?

I have lost my FTP/email address password?

You can reset your passwords on your Web Hosting Control Panel. If you cannot access it either, contact us and we'll send you a letter with your information.

Can I check the status of your web servers?

Yes. Visit "Hosting platforms status and updates".

I cannot see the answer to my question?

Ok. Head over to our contact form and ask your question

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