Website: Security Arm Protection

Website: Security Arm Protection

We have released the new website for Security Arm Protection, a security company based in Sheffield.

Richard, manager of Security Arm Protection, wanted a simple website with a few pages. Richard showed us which websites he liked and we designed his website following his recommendations.

Richard also asked us to create a business card design which matched the design of the website. You can see the business card alongside the website on the image at the top.

The website is built with a light CMS which uses php and XML. Although the website doesn't use mysql to store content, it still has an admin section allowing the company to update the wesbite content when required. Of course, the website adapts to various screens such as tablets and mobile phones.

Richard also asked us to improve his website on Search Engines, especially on Google; He wanted his company's website to rank as best as possible and show his business information next to his google listing. We did that by creating a Google "My Business" account for him.

Finally, we offered him an SSL certificate to secure his websites and make his visitors feel safe while browsing his website. Security Arm Protection's website is hosted on our servers in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

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